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Experience what working and living well means for your organization at Midtown Union. Clean air technology, touchless experience, outdoor workspaces, and innovative features put customer health & wellness as a top priority. A prime location accessible by car, train, bike and pedestrian footpaths makes commutes a breeze. And connectivity to art and amenities make each day inspiring. Discover what working well looks like at Midtown Union.

Midtown Union

Our LEED Certified office designs pay considerable attention to light, air and water quality, as well as comfort. Customers seeking Well Certification benefit from numerous points of base building work that contribute towards tenant certification.

All office customers gain access to The Yard, an 11,700 SF shared rooftop patio on the 8th floor, along with our proprietary MEET Conference Center, MOVE fitness center and The Lounge at Midtown Union.


Midtown Union Midtown Union

Midtown Union